snoopy I am going to tell you some fun things me and my family do over Christmas break.  Christmas break is my favorite time in the winter.  My favorite thing over Christmas break is getting to see family, friends and presents.

One thing my family always does is have a Christmas dinner at my grandma’s house.  My favorite food that she makes is her chicken and noodles.   Also if there is snow on the ground we go sledding. It is so fun it is one of my favorite things.  At my babysitters she always makes sugar cookies.  Then the kids decorate them.

So those are some things I like to do with my friends and family over the Christmas break.  We do a lot of other things but I just put in some of my favorite things.  What are your favorite things to do over the Christmas break

Island of Shadows

Today I am going to tell you about the book that I have been reading and some fun stuff about it.  The book that I have been reading is Seekers Island of Shadows it is written by Erin Hunter.  The book is about these four bears Ujurak, Kallik, Toklo and Lusa and how the are on this big journey to save the wild. Ujurak is a shape shiftier so he can change into any other animal including humans.

So in the book the four bears are climbing this mountain because at the top there is a oil rig that needs to be destroyed. The oil rig needs to be destroyed because it is putting oil into the water and poising the seals and the polar bears that eat the seals.   When they get to the top they don’t know what to do.   How can four bear cubs destroy a building, but then they came up with an idea a avalanche would destroy it.  So Ujurak hurry’s  and changes into a caribou then found a heard of caribou. Once he found a heard he told Kallik, Toklo and Lusa where the heard was so they could scare them away and Ujurak could lead them to factory.

There are so many exciting things in the book. But not all of them I could put in this blog post. Because if I did it would of ruin the book so if you want to figure out what happens next you will have to find out for yourself.   But I would read the first 6 first so you know what else is going on in the book.